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dynamis ensemble

Contemporary music is our passion.
We love collaborating with composers and artists. Our performances see the interplay of multimedia, new technologies and other arts.

Fuego, aire y longitud celeste
Laberintos sonoros 2017

Cenart, Mexico City

Dynamis Ensemble soloists Birgit Nolte, Isabella Fabbri and Candida Felici in Auditorio Blas Galindo, Cenart, Mexico City, 29 July 2017, played Stockhausen, Maderna, Scelsi, Bornhoeft

Franco Donatoni

Museo del Novecento, Milan

Birgit Nolte (flutes), Rocco Parisi (bass clarinet) and Candida Felici (piano) played Donatoni's works Fili, Soft, Het, in Milan, Museo del Novecento, 11 October 2016

Nobilissima stella
Laberintos sonoros 2016

Cenart, Mexico City

Birgit Nolte (flutes), Rocco Parisi (bass clarinet) and Candida Felici (piano) played two concerts with works by Jonathan Harvey, Franco Donatoni, Javier Torres Maldonado, Alessandro Solbiati,  Hilda Paredes and Ana Lara, Cenart, Mexico City, 29 and 30 July 2016.

Piano, percussions and electronics
ArteScienza 2015

Accademia Filarmonica, Roma

Candida Felici (piano), Yi Ping Yang (percussions), Max Bruckert (sound engineer), Harvey, Giroudon/Estager, Varèse/Lopez Lopez, Mantovani, Torres Maldonado, 3 July 2015.